A Bouquet...

There are moments in life when situations and circumstances bring you back nostalgically your beautiful memories of life. There are moments of joy, compassion, glory which makes them wonderful achievements of our life. These moments remains forever with us. We don’t really value them when we have them. I can not think of a situation better than this to value the assets of my life when I am remotely so far from them in Sweden.

Today is the day when my parents tied the knot of divine eternal relationship – ‘marriage’. It has been 37 glorious years of their journey together. Few days back I called and asked my mom about their anniversary celebration plans and as usual my mom said… ‘beta is umar mein hum kahan jayenge…’ my mom works for semi govt. organization from past 36 years and my dad has also retired from the same institute and works as a guest faculty now. The moment I got to know that my dad has a lecture program on anniversary day, I planned to wish and surprise them by sending a huge bouquet of flowers along with an anniversary card to their office. I told one of my close friends to book it, as he stays near to their office. He booked it and it was delivered. I was very happy and excited before calling to wish them. When I called my mumma, the first sound I heard even before a ‘hello’ was the sound of television in the background and I assimilated the fact that she has not gone to office and was at home today. My papa also cancelled the lecture and stayed at home with mumma on the occasion of anniversary. I got so upset to know that my plan of surprising them was all ruined. After that I told her that I am upset as I had sent you a bouquet and it couldn’t reach you… As soon as she heard this, she was so thrilled as if she saw a bouquet in front of her eyes the very same moment.

This is what a “mother” is. She can read the mind of her child and show them the immense feeling of love and compassion by saying what they want to hear. Her reaction made me feel on top of the world. I was overwhelmed and intoxicated with joy.


Why didn’t u ask me to deliver another bouquet to them


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