Culture Street

While walking on the slushy road this morning (as temperature in a week’s time has nudged to +1 from -25 prevailing snow to melt), I encountered another revelation of Swedish culture which made me curiously stop for a while. The group of 30-35 people including kids of all ages holding gifts, wine bottles and bouquet gathered outside a house. All the eyes focused on a balcony on the other side of lane. A couple just appeared in the balcony and in a courteous welcome gesture widened both hands, delivered few words (well…seemed ‘welcome’ to my minuscule knowledge of Swedish). Gratifying the same, the whole gang started singing a song….which again looked like a birthday wish to me….People passing by also started enjoying and singing while walking on their ways. All pepped up, I also joined the song in my own way. Standing on a decent distance from them I started singing 'Happy Birthday to you.....' drawing smiles from the passersbys. :)


I’m so jealous you are in Sweden…..relishing another rich culture


My next post will subside your jealousy my dear...


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