Suitcase of Happiness!!

Thrilled!! Excited!! Curious!! That’s me, all charged up with these emotions every time when my papa is back from his official trips. When I was a kid… infact, even when I am grown up… papa’s official travel always meant - a new gift for me. I loved opening the door for him after eager restless wait. His arrival always made me bounce in excitement and joy. As soon as my hugs and babbling hearing was apprehended, my eyes were all focused on papa’s blue suitcase.

A Barbie doll (one Barbie doll in toy collection meant a lot for a kid of those times) or a dazzling ravishing dress or toys or…….. ?? Given all the possible gift options, I always urged for a dress (frawk) fading out other gift options. My longing for gifts doesn’t end here!! I was so curious for small-small stuffs… mini size water bottle, sweet toffees in a tray and wet face wiping tissues given to him in a plane always fascinated me more than a beautiful Barbie doll. Thirst quenched with that water bottle, sweet taste of those toffees and the incense fragrance of wet tissues always accelerated my level of excitement!!

That’s the beauty of childhood…never allured with charisma of premium expensive things. Rather its all about enjoying the beauty in small-small things.


Loved it...adored it.. and it actually took me bak to my childhood days....good going dear:)


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