Love or Fun?

A Girl’s hand twisted at the back of a boy’s neck and boy’s hands at the back of girl’s waistline or even little below and their lips sealed with the feeling of love…naaah not love!! Infatuation…… or whatever they call it… But defiantly not love in my opinion. That’s how I saw a couple today on the street where I live when I just walked out of my home. Infact, that’s how I see them quite often in every other lane, on the bus stop, in the train, in malls, in coffee shop, in every other public place. The other day, I was coming from my friends place in the train and the couple sitting in front of me and another couple sitting besides me were all lost in their own worlds. Both the couples almost entangled with each other making me wonder do they even know where they need to deboard the train? Well, sitting so close and trying to ignore them makes me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. I am unable to understand the so called ‘relationship module’ here especially with young couples. One day a girl is immensely in love with a guy and another day she coolly says I broke-up and thus simply change her facebook relationship status to ‘single’ announcing and inviting other guys to approach the available candidate, if interested.

Being an Indian, this culture shock is not easy for me to digest. My values and beliefs in rich Indian culture taught me something else... For me there is always a dividing line between how to express your love with spouse in a bedroom and in a public place. Maybe I am sounding a bit conservative, but that’s how I feel. I simply don’t like the exposure of expressing the love the way they do it here in public. I am not cursing the culture here…. its just that I am uncomfortable with their unpleasant actions. I know it is just fun for them but there are many other ways to have fun in life!!


Hi Charu

Nicely written...making a show off of love in public is just like making animal love who are just ignorant of their surroundings...and regarding relationships...i opine that relationships are of three types..being single, being in a bad relationship and being in a good relationship...perhaps the first one looks monotonous to everyone today but it is still better then then its 2nd-brother-type(bad one..)



Precisely said Charu!!!

Such stunts only indicates how shallow their relationship can be... caring for the each other's respect as well as their relationship seems to be gone with the wind...I find the basic foundation of such relationship very weak.


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