Julie and Julia

I watched the movie “Julie and Julia’ today. Based on true stories of two women, the movie shows how Julia Child’s cookbook inspires Julie Powell to try 524 recipes in the span of 365 days. yeah!! Such a great inspiration to me as I related small bits of their lives with mine!!

Julie is frustrated with her office job and takes up her cooking challenges after coming back from work. She has a supporting and loving husband who encourages her to write a blog. He typed the first blog post for her while she was dictating and here she goes…... Afterwards, she started blogging daily and her blog became very popular in New York, the city where she lived.

What she taught me about blog writing is that its all about sharing experiences, observations, ideas and thoughts. You don’t really need a topic to write a post. Every human being has thoughts and it’s about sharing it with the people. It conveys the message so beautifully that I realized that hey, it’s been quite a while I have written my blog and I started writing.

Another thing which I learned from them is passion!! Julie’s passion to learn from her idol Julia is truly remarkable. And when Julia got married she didn’t even knew how to boil an egg; she started her culinary career in her late 40’s. Both Julie and Julia had passion to cook. Its not about cooking, its all about passion!! Whatever you do in life…whatever you want to achieve… whatever your dreams are.. do it with enough passion and everything will fall in place for you.


rightly said...so now u'll be very regular with ur blog...right???


yes. I will surely try to be regular....:)


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